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As we know, social media for business is still growing, and today I am going to go through why Instagram is a MUST for your business.

Many Of You May Ask, What On Earth Is Instagram?

Instagram is a visual sharing platform including pictures and videos. It is typically for a younger demographic, typically 18-34, however the older generation are starting to come on board!

Why Instagram?

  • Instagram has 52X higher engagement than Facebook
  • Instagram has 127X higher engagement than Twitter
  • 44 Million accounts  have been created in the last 4 months

The Pitfalls Of Instagram

The bigger pitfall, is that it’s a mobile platform. Many businesses find this annoying to monitor. However you will be able to find many software’s available, to allow you to monitor your Instagram account from your desktop.

Another pitfall is that many ask “What do I post” & “Where do you find content”?

I am an online blogger, marketer and entrepreneur. My Instagram account is just full of daily inspiration/motivational quotes. This is the only content I post to my followers to give them daily encouragement! I find many of these quotes through Google search and other sites.

One of my quotes…


My images and text look very professional because I use an app called Word Swag. If you are using your mobile phone you can buy it on the app store, or if you are on your desktop go to, I think it’s about $4.99 to purchase. That’s a business expense that you can not complain about, and as I always say every business comes with a cost! If you would like to follow me on Instagram you can do so HERE

The most important page of your Instagram account is your bio page. This allows users on Instagram to see what your page is all about, this is why the description in your bio is so important.  Make it fun and engaging, use emoji’s! Google other people’s Instagram account’s in your niche and see what they are doing. Have a call to action at the end of your bio description to get your followers to click on your website link.

The Importance of Hashtags

Hashtags are important for growing your followers on Instagram, but before you do that, you have to make sure you are using the right hashtags. Find the right hashtags for your niche. Hashtags bring you more followers, engagement and build up your profile. It is critical that you do your research and deep dive with your demographic.


You can have up to 30 hashtags on a post. If you don’t know where to go to do your research and find the right hashtags, go to

How To Get More Followers


Make sure your profile is full of interaction, if you are just starting off I would recommend 2 posts a day and spread them out. You need to build up your followers naturally NO bots. Use the correct hashtags and you will start to see your followers grow. You can get what’s called “Shout Outs” to your Instagram profile. This can really help boost your following. Want shoutouts? Go to

Need a logo for your Instagram profile? Go to and get a professional logo done.

When YOU have 10,000 Followers

Once your Instagram account hits 10K followers people will ask YOU for shoutouts! If you wanted to sell your Instagram account you can do this, you will get about $0.50 for each engaged follower.

Become an Instagram Influencer For Local Businesses

If you are an online marketer looking to make more business through local marketing,then become known in your local area as the Instagram Jedi!

If you think about what’s going on in your local town. E.G. Local influencers, radio stations, tv channels, events etc. Use those hashtags on your clients posts.

Don’t have the time to monitor your Instagram Profile?

You can outsource people to manage your profile. Use or

In my next post I will be covering Instagram for beginners, so if you would like to learn more tips on how to grow your Instagram profile, make sure you come back to learn more 🙂