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The Four Percent Group Review

What Is The Four Percent Group & Who is The Four Percent Group For?

Many are skeptical when they hear of new opportunities available for their online business, and I can’t say I blame you. My words of advice are; Do your research, connect with others, and find out if it can help you and your business. So I thought, as a four percenter myself, I would write you a review based on my personal experience.

Before you read any further, take a look at my video where I show you inside my Four Percent Group back office and the commissions I have earned so far through the Four Percent Group, where it allows you to earn mutiple streams of income through essential business tools and top online companies…

The Four Percent Group – Who Is It For?

The Four Percent Group was designed for 2 groups of people.

  1. Those who want to start a business on the internet, there is a new generation of entrepreneurs, where settling for the 9-5 job isn’t what they want to do or look for. These people want to create their own business and become their own boss.
  2. The other group of people are those who have already tried with many online schemes, but have not had the success they wanted.

If you are reading this and one of the above sounds like you, stay on this page and find out what The Four Percent Group is all about.

What Is The Four Percent Group?

The Four Percent group is a training and marketing platform for online entrepreneurs. It teaches you how to build a profitable business through multiple steams of income, promoting companies products and business tools. This platform is not like any other and has never been done before, imagine being able to just “press a button” and everything else is done for you. Like the switch of a light bulb.

The platform is every online entrepreneurs dream, where each step is ready for you to follow.
I wish this was available when I first started up online, this marketing platform allows a newbie to have a faster success with the structure in place of being able to generate income through multiple streams, like I said, this has never been done before.

What Does The Four Percent Group Have To Offer You?

  • Step-by-step videos on how to set up your multiple streams of income.
  • Step-by-step videos of how to set up your business tools. E.G Get an autoresponder and sales funnels account & set it all up.
  •  Unique sales funnels (done for you) for each of the products.
  • A member webinar each week by the man himself Vick Strizheus
  • Traffic sources to help you build your business, and plenty high-end products to promote.
  •  Plus much more…

The four percent group platform has been designed to provide its members with multiple streams on income.

How Will The Four Percent Group Help You?

The Four Percent Group is a training and marketing platform, to help you run your own online business and teaches you to try and achieve financial independence. It has been designed so that a complete “newbie” can learn step-by-step, as to what is required to become a successful online entrepreneur. As  one of the member webinars is named “Building Your Skyscraper.” that is what we are doing here.

However the four percent group wasn’t just designed for newbie’s, it was also created for those who are familiar with being online, but are irritated with not being able to find their own financial freedom. It is also frustrating that I can’t help others find their financial freedom, I feel there is no system out there, that newbie’s would be able to use, to earn multiple streams of income, as this would take time and skills to set up. This is why the four percent is so great, because it provides everyone with a platform which offers step-by-step learning and provides the platform to get income through multiple streams.

The amazing and most important aspect is that, not only does the Four Percent Group provide us with a great platform to help us create our own financial independence, but it also lets others too. As a Four Percent member looking at people who have made their first ever commission, it’s a great feeling. (There are plenty of these success stories being shared in the private FB Four Percent Group)
After reading this post, if you think you would like to become involved and join the Four Percent Group You can check it out and create your free account HERE
Thanks for taking time to read this post. You can pop me an email about the Four Percent Group if you have any questions. Email me at