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Tecademics (IMC)


Always looking at a new product launch? Waiting for the promise of being taught new strategies? Always purchasing the “new shiny tool” that every marketer must have to succeed…

Does this sound like you?

Internet Marketing College

This is information OVERLOAD!!

Marketers are left confused as to where to get started, desperately looking for ideas & answers on how to make their business grow & make money.

Constantly faced with upsell after upsell?

The Problem

The problem marketers face whether it be social media or internet marketing, strategies have completely changed. We wonder how entrepreneurs are able to build, grow and scale their business online.

However, many entrepreneurs struggle to successfully implement up-to-date strategies & real-time internet marketing concepts that truly work.

The Fact

The difficulty we face is through lack of quality, structured internet marketing education available in the industry.

What if I told you that there has been a college specifically designed to fill this void, by providing high quality entrepreneur education.

Chris Record is the Founder and CEO of TecAdemics formerly known as “The internet marketing college” (IMC) and you can learn ALL about how he became such an expert in the marketing industry and why he decided to completely focus on the IMC to create the most structured, online education available.

Chris states how the likes of me and you are learning from the guru’s themselves (including Chris) through courses, seminars, training, webinars, products etc…

Chris said…

The more successful I became, the more I truly wanted to help other people succeed. People would come to me and say “Chris, we just want to be able to come and drink from your fountain of knowledge – Can you teach us, can you help us?”

What would happen is, I would want to help them, but instead of giving them a sip from my fountain of knowledge, I would end up giving them a fire hose of knowledge! It became difficult to relate to the newest person!


The Solution

There is a science behind learning, known as ISD (instructional system design,) which is a taxonomy by every major university in the world to teach their students.

Tecademics (IMC)

Tecademics has assembled a team of curriculum developers from these major universities and educated them on up-to-date strategies used by highly successful marketers.

Tecademics provides you with courses that will be taught by expert professionals who actually practice and continually perfect that they teach.

These classes will be consistently updated, will be uniquely presented & structured to enhance learning retention and success for students. This is a brand new category of internet marketing education that utilizes this proven mastery learning process.

Tecademics “We Bridge The Gap Between Traditional Education and Guru Education”

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If you are an affiliate marketer, or a business owner who wants to learn how to promote his business online, then Tecademics is perfect for you.

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