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What Re-targeting Can Do For Your Business

What is re-targeting?

Re-targeting allows you to “follow” your leads/prospects around the internet.


Facebook Retargeting Pixel

When creating a Facebook campaign you can narrow your search through a “custom audience.” Facebook then gives you the option to create a unique pixel to place on your website to allow you to track your audience.

When anyone visits your website, that pixel is going to fire and the visitor will then be added to a “custom audience” that you created. Soon enough you will have thousands of people inside your “custom audience” to allow you to create advertisements specifically targeting them.

Why is re-targeting so important for your online business?

Without using re-targeting you have the chance of showing your advert to your selected audience. Most people however rarely purchase on the first instance of seeing an offer/product, this is where re-targeting becomes very effective.

Re-targeting generally targets everybody that has clicked through to your offer/product or website and then adds them to your “custom audience.”  This is tried, tested and works very well. This is used by many big brands.

However I have something that brings re-targeting to the next level…

Yes, this software will cost you money but hey – what business doesn’t have costs?!…

Introducing Connectio

Connectio (connect re-target) is a great piece of software that allows you to really determine how people respond to your offer/product or website. Depending on how they behave while visiting your website, determines whether they get added to your “custom audience.”  Most re-targeting has limited ability to accurately track your visitors behavior. connectio-logoConnectio gives you an advantage when Facebook re-targeting for your business!

For example; It allows you to narrow your audience down to…

  • If they stayed on your website/page for longer than 20secs upto 1000secs.
  • If they scrolled 25%, 50%, 75% down your page
  • The software can even specify what device they found you on
  • Also, which search engine your visitors came from.

Connect re-target allows you to narrow your “custom audience” through many different filters (the examples above are just a few.)

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Connect re-target allows you to be VERY specific in your re-targeting and that’s what makes it so special.

Every visitor is different; some engage more than others, some find your content by accident and quickly move on, and some find your content through choice and stick around.

The ones who stick around, are the ones you need to focus your re-targeting on!

Connect Re-targeting brings re-targeting for your business to the next level!


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