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Top 9 Free Traffic Sources...

It’s great when you hear the words “Free Traffic” Who would say no to free traffic?!

Sometimes it isn’t the best traffic, but hey it’s free! So use it to your full potential.

Top 9 Free Traffic Sources...Here are the Top 9 Traffic Sources I would recommend…

  1. GOOGLE! Make sure you rank your page/offer with short tailed & long tailed keywords. Without SEO no one is going to find your website/offer. Here are a few tips on why long tailed keywords are so important. 
    1. Short tail is a very popular keywords and because of this, it’s such high competition. For example: Real Estate…it’s such a popular niche it’s hard to get listed.
    2. That’s why you should go for longtail keywords, but make sure there creative longtail keywords. E.G Real Estate Investment Tips in “your town” in “your city” Another example – let’s say you’re selling a cell phone case. You would use this as a description using “longtailed keywords” – Lightning Fast Cell Phone Charger. Long lasting battery for your Iphone. Then give them 5 Tips on how to extend the battery life of their Iphone.
  2. YOUTUBE! This is the second highest search engine, just under Google and it actually owned by Google. This means if you have any  relevant content between your YouTube channel and website/offer Google will love this! Use the longtailed keywords that you use for your website/offer and Google will love this!!
  3. INSTAGRAM! This is the place to be! Instagram is proven to be 52x more engaging than FB and 127x more engaging than Twitter. Create your page, build up your following and your free leads will pour in! (If you want to find out how I went from 800 followers to 6,000 followers in just 7 months (check it out here) pop me an email at or add me on Skype my ID is jwall135
  4. FACEBOOK FAN PAGE & GROUP!  You can get highly targeted visitors in FB groups. Provide value in that group by posting value and people will reach out to connect with you and it allows you to reach out and connect with others.
  5. BLOG! Blogs are a great way to get traffic, however a lot of people make the mistake of not posting enough a day. When you first open up a blog you need to be putting posts up consistently for the first 60 days. 1 blog post a day for 60 days. Deliver valuable content to your audience! A blog is a traffic source that is proven to work!If you post consistently everyday, Google will love this! Make sure you get your YouTube video’s in the post.
  6. REDDIT!  Create a Reddit account and  your YouTube videos and links. I use this place called Fivver. Get your links posted on Reddit from Fivver, which will get you a lot of long term traffic. Reddit is also highly rated by Google so your posts will rank higher.
  7. WEEBLY! This is a free web blogging platform. It allows you to create mini niches! I would recommend you choose 3 weebly property’s for what you’re trying to rank for e.g Make Money Online, Blogging Tips and Social Media. This will also give you high long term traffic.
  8. PINTEREST!  There are SEO plug-ins that you can get on your WordPress, this makes it really easy to pin your images. This is great to get tons of traffic. Create memes related to your business and post your link underneath, which will bring some nice viral traffic to your offer/website.
  9. FORUMS! These are a great way to get highly targeted traffic to your offers/website for your particular niche. Take a couple of hours a day to post into these forums e.g. A squeeze page. Type in google “Your niche forums”

You know what to do now right?

Pick 2 of these free traffic sources and take action! Once you’ve completed them stay on top of them and maybe start another free traffic source!