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Mindset Of Success

When starting your own business, any niche – you must have a successful mindset, if you do not then you are setting yourself to fail.

If things don’t go as well as planned within the first six months –  you don’t give up, you keep going! Just because it hasn’t turned out exactly as you wanted, it does not mean that your business will never achieve it’s goals.

You must understand the needs of your customers. Don’t sell what you want, sell your customer’s needs. Always plan, overestimate your expenses and underestimate your revenue.  You have to think how and what you need to do to improve you business methods.

You have to have a mindset of success!

Here are some best leadership lessons from Game Of Thrones

“The mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone—to keep its edge.” – Tyrion Lanister

A Leader must always learn in every experience, he must make sure he learns something new that improves his concepts. A good leader never slacks off.

“What we don’t know is what usually gets us killed.” – Peter Baelish

A leader is always prepared for possibility. An unprepared leader could end up bringing down, not just themselves but lead their team to risks. Therefore a good leader always prepares for the worst circumstances.

“It’s difficult to put a leash on a dog, after you’ve put a crown on his head.” – Tyrion Lanister

As a leader you do not give credit where it is not due. Appreciation should not be given to someone who doesn’t deserve it.

“The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword.” – Eddard Stark

You must not shy away from making tough calls. If you do the unpleasant work, then you will find tough decisions easier to make.

“Any man who must say, I am the king, is no true king.” —Tywin Lannister

True power comes from where people believe it comes from, not from where you say it comes from. The best leaders are followed based on the collective will, not because they say, “I am the boss.” Power and influence often come from unexpected places.

“A Lannister always pays his debts.” —Tyrion Lannister

In the workplace, the quickest way to lose respect and power is to promise things you can’t deliver. The surest way to get people to do things for you today is for them to trust that you will do what you say you will do in the future. Leaders follow through on their word. When they say they are going to do something, they do it.

“Winter is coming.” —House Stark

Leaders remain vigilant. The world is uncertain. The best leaders always innovate, stay strong, and plan for the future. Being prepared for the unexpected is essential. Embrace winter, especially when everyone else is distracted and basking in the sun.

Vincen Mathai and Mira Zaslove 

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