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The great benefit of making a living from the Internet is you can work anywhere in the world. You could be on a cruise, or lying on the beach, or sitting in your garden in the sun. If you’re online, you can make money.

So many people I know are traveling around the world and experiencing many different cultures and asleep whilst making money. We know however those people started off like you and me – working from home.

Working from home however can be full of distractions and in some cases your work ends up being prolonged. As much as we all love to work from home, it can have this effect on us!

So how can we avoid these distractions when we have work to do that needs to be done?

Dedicate A Space

This first and most important thing you will need to do is to establish a place of work in your home. Like maybe changing your box room into a home office? Or set up a desk and laptop in your kitchen (away from the tv). It’s so tempting to take your Ipad or laptop with you to the living room and sit in the “comfy seats” and whilst “working” catch up with your last episode of the Walking Dead in the background, but hey much work isn’t going to get done with the distraction of Negan and his team of saviours.

So start today by converting a space in your home, into a home office. Preferably stay away from your living room!


If your house is full of a big family, or you have visitors round. Make sure it’s somewhere where you can shut out the noise and resume concentration.


Don’t Have Your Phone Next To You

I know for a lot of people this must be hard to do, but trust me it’s for your own good.

You think about it, how often do you pick up your phone to check it? A lot!

Even if you hear it ping because you’ve received a social media notification…it can wait. Or a text off your partner, friend or parents…it can wait. Otherwise it will end up with you getting distracted by your phone about 5 times in an hour, maybe more. Once you have been distracted you then have to focus and get back into the task in hand, this can take much longer. Leave your computer every hour or hour and half to stretch your legs, make a coffee and then check your phone..but don’t bring it back in with you.

Many may use the excuse of their phone is for business, in that case make sure you get a phone for business and personal use.

Close All Unnecessary Browser Tabs

It can be so easy to open up a fresh tab after fresh tab to open up other tasks on our to do list. However the mistake many of us make, and I am bad for this is focusing on too many tasks at a time. This leads to too many browser tabs being open and it can cause us to get lost and distracted in the mix.

You may open another tab and get too distracted with that task and not finish on something you’ve been working on all morning. So try not to open too many tabs.

I am guilty of this myself!

My example of this, Facebook for business – I am part of 3 online businesses, they all have private FB groups. It is important for me to keep up to date with the FB private groups, so I always have a FB tab open. However I could be working on my blog, or sorting out my emails or working on one of my businesses and the next thing I see notifications popping up on my FB tab – and I go off what I’m working on to check them. We are all guilty of it! Even with checking our emails.

Take Time-out

Once you’re focused and in the zone at home, some of us end up buckling down for 8 hours a day, without taking a break. This is not good, you need to force yourself to have a 5-10 minute break but you must make sure you get back to work.

Have a 5-10 minute break to check your phone, watch tv or read a book.

Having these little breaks throughout the day will help you stay more focused and you’ll find you will get more done. You will also feel happier and more fulfilled.

Get Out of the House

Sometimes, the distractions of working from home are unavoidable. Maybe you’ve got dogs who are moaning at you for a walk, or children demanding your attention children  sometimes it’s good to get out the house and get some fresh air.

If you don’t fancy going for a walk you could just step outside for a minute with your coffee and get away from that screen or the hustle and bustle of home life.

The beauty of being able to work from home and create an income is that you can work where you want and when you want.

I have spoke about “The Beauty Of The Internet” in a late post, it tell the story of how the internet has changed farmers lives.