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Tecademics (IMC)


Always looking at a new product launch? Waiting for the promise of being taught new strategies? Always purchasing the “new shiny tool” that every marketer must have to succeed… Does this sound like you? This is information OVERLOAD!! Marketers are left confused as to where to get started, desperately looking for ideas & answers on how […]

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What Re-targeting Can Do For Your Business

What is re-targeting? Re-targeting allows you to “follow” your leads/prospects around the internet. Facebook Retargeting Pixel When creating a Facebook campaign you can narrow your search through a “custom audience.” Facebook then gives you the option to create a unique pixel to place on your website to allow you to track your audience. When anyone […]

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What is MTTB & Why Does It Work?

An interested prospect asked Matt Lloyd, CEO Of Mobe  What is MTTB? & Why Does It Work Better Than Other Offers Out There? This is a very good question that many have asked me before. Matt explains in the video below… What made him come up with MTTB. Explains how it helps people market their […]

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6 Daily Tasks That Will Make You Money

Have You Done These 6 Tasks Today?       1. Teach Yourself It is essential to spend a short time each day to learn something new. It might be some SEO, Google Analytics, Video marketing, or maybe how to drive traffic to your site using social media.  Whatever it is – pick one thing […]

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Mindset Of Success

When starting your own business, any niche – you must have a successful mindset, if you do not then you are setting yourself to fail. If things don’t go as well as planned within the first six months –  you don’t give up, you keep going! Just because it hasn’t turned out exactly as you […]

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