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The Truth About Affiliate Marketing

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“The Truth About Affiliate Marketing”

When I first started my online business, I was unaware of the potential of the online affiliate market. However, you do have to be very aware of the “make money online scams” that are out there today. The scary thing is, I have fallen for plenty and threw money down the drain.

Let me break down for you what affiliate marketing is and why it costs you very little to get started.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is basically selling someone else products/services for them and then in return you earn a commission. So you get paid when you sell or promote someone else’s product.

Affiliate marketing has become such as popular way for people to make money online (as I mentioned above you must be careful as there are plenty of scams out there) It has grown in popularity as to start it, it basically costs you nothing. Anyone can start it, no matter your age or if your on a basic wage.

So Why Start Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a perfect business opportunity, like I explained above it costs you very little to get started. Let me list some reasons as to why;

  1.    An affiliate marketing business doesn’t cost you much to get started.
  2.    You don’t need to pay rent or buy a premises to run your business from.
  3.    You don’t need to deal with fulfillment, refunds or returns.
  4.    No customer service required.
  5.    You can work at home, and the beauty of the internet is it allows you to run your affiliate marketing business ANYWHERE in the world.

Now you are probably wondering, yes okay I understand all the above, but how do I go about promoting these offers and what offers do I promote?

For you to get started and begin having success you need to make sure you choose the right product to promote and understand how to promote it. You also need to decided what niche you are going to promote. I always recommend it’s a niche that you are passionate. For example; Is it weight loss? Or is it making money from home? I am not going to cover all the different niches, but make sure the niche you choose is in high demand. If you choose a niche that isn’t you’re not going to make much money.

Once you have chosen your niche, make sure you choose the right products to promote and look at what other products people are promoting. Many newbies don’t choose the right product. For example; a newbie who wants to promote a “work from home” business opportunity decides to promote is poor product that no one is searching for. Newbies make this mistake as they feel the product that everyone else is promoting is “saturated”. This can lead to them having very little success as an affiliate. This then leads to many newbies quitting pretty quickly.

A big importance I find being an affiliate marketer is finding the right mentor for you. I have a couple of mentors I stick to and follow (who have made their millions) because I believe and trust them in what they are doing for me, and not just for me but thousands of other affiliate marketers.

Personally my niche is the make money online and online education. I am currently in 3 programs that promote. However you can become an affiliate for whatever niche you like. Weight loss is a huge niche but make sure before you choose your niche you know HOW to promote it.

So How Do You Find The Right Affiliate Marketing Programs?

If you want to start affiliate marketing then the question you should be asking yourself is “What are the best affiliate marketing programs out there?” There are plenty of great programs available depending on what niche you choose.

However again, be careful when choosing what companies products you are going to promote, because you are putting your name to their product, so make sure it is legit and that you are happy to promote their products. I always say if you are going to promote a product, you should own that product yourself. Many people promote products that they really do not have a clue about because they don’t own it themselves. For me this is a turn off point. Again, as you are putting your name and brand to a product you want to be passionate about that product and recommend it to your visitors, subscriber, existing customers and potential future customers.

As I learned from a very successful entrepreneur, if you choose to become an affiliate marketer you must build the KLT relationship. Make sure you are always building a relationship with your subscribers so they get to Know You, Like You and Trust You 🙂

Going back to the right affiliate marketing programs I only promote programs and products that I feel happy putting my name and brand out there to people, because at the end of the day I feel great about these program/products and own them myself and I know the quality of them. You should only recommend your visitors or subscribers to something you feel happy with.

The Types Of Affiliate Marketing Programs

There are so many different type of affiliate marketing programs for you to choose from. They pay out commissions in a variety of ways and the amount of commissions you earn as an affiliate can also vary.

Some affiliate marketing programs will pay you a commission on a sale of their product/service or some will pay you for generating a lead. In some cases some may pay you per click as you have driven someone to click on their website.

Different Types Of Affiliate Marketing Programs

There are many different types of affiliate marketing programs and they pay commissions in a variety of ways.  However, the real truth about affiliate marketing is that you get paid a commission for helping promote someone else’s products or services.

The most common types of affiliate marketing is;

Sale Pay  – you as an affiliate will receive a commission from the company if the person you referred buys their product/service. You may either get a fixed amount or a percentage of the total selling price.

Lead Generation – you as an affiliate with receive a commission from the company when you refer them to their website or survey etc.

Pay Per Click – you as an affiliate will receive a commission every time someone clicks on your affiliate referral link. It doesn’t matter is the person doesn’t purchase or sign up

Choosing The Best Affiliate Marketing Program For You

  1. Choose Your Niche (make sure it’s in high demand)
  2. Choose Your Product
  3. Promote it

Now before I go any further, you’re probably thinking right John has told me it doesn’t cost much to get started etc but how much is it going to cost to promote??

Well before I go into it the first and most important point I will tell you is that no matter what business you are in or starting there will ALWAYS be business costs. No business can become successful without investment.

However, with that being said to start your online business as an affiliate marketer there is A LOT LESS cost involved than a traditional bricks and mortar business.

So with that point being said let’s get back to  the best affiliate program for you.

So again make sure you have taken the time to assess points 1&2 above. Make sure you are passionate about this niche so when it comes to promoting it. Pick a product/service that is best suited to your business model and that will be best suited to your customers, subscribers and social media followers.

Make sure the product you choose is relevant to you and your brand. There is no point building a list of subscribers interested in losing weight and then you go and promote a product to them that is about “Generating Income Online” – it just won’t work!

Make sure you focus your time on just one niche and one product, many people make the mistake of taking too much on, and later end up with overwhelm and confusion.

Start building your brand through a website. Like I have my blog, where I build my name and brand to my visitors/potential customers. I also build my name and brand through social media platforms. I have an Instagram account where I post motivational/inspirational quotes to my followers etc.

The truth about affiliate marketing is to earn a great income online I have learned over the years that many companies don’t pay out big commissions, which means you have to sell their product 100x more than high-end ticket products.

Now I am mentioning high-end ticket products because you could be earning large amounts in commissions for just 1 sale! Instead of promoting a low-end ticket product where you would have to make 100 sales to reach a good commission.

High-end ticket products do feature in my overall affiliate marketing business because a few sales can make you decent money. You must, however,  find the right program and get the right education to help you promote these.

You can get my Limitless book for free (you just have to pay a shipping fee) this book explains what we call a HTAM (high ticket affiliate marketing)

Finding The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

There are plenty affiliate marketing programs for you to choose from so make sure you do your research and take your time to select the on for you.

Some are free and some of them you may have to pay a fee to join and promote. To see if the program offers affiliate marketing, you can normally find this in the top or bottom navigation bar of their website.

Wanting to look for an affiliate program in a particular niche, but don’t have a clue where to start? Type in the Google search bar for that particular niche and do your research with the results that appear.

If you are unsure as to what program to trust you can always contact me via email and I will be totally honest and transparent with you.

The only affiliate marketing programs I am in partnership with are the ones listed below, you can check them out for yourself if you wish…

I am also affiliates of many different tools and resources which you will find on the Recommended Resources” page or on the menu bar on the front page.

Thanks for reading this post, if you have ANY questions or would like to book a free 1 to 1 consultation with me regarding your online goals then you can book one HERE.