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6 Daily Tasks That Will Make You Money

Have You Done These 6 Tasks Today?

1. Teach Yourself

It is essential to spend a short time each day to learn something new. It might be some SEO, Google Analytics, Video marketing, or maybe how to drive traffic to your site using social media.  Whatever it is – pick one thing and spend some time on it. Not too long – you have 5 other things to do.

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2. Create Some Content

Successful marketers ALWAYS have consistent content. They are ALL over the internet. This is because they are consistent in their creation of content. They make a blog post, email their list, make a video, or add to an e-book they are writing, or host monthly webinars! Every day  they make some sort of content. This level of production helps take them forward.

shout out social media3. Get Your Content Out There

Successful marketers constantly share their content. They make sure they get it out  across many different Social Media platforms. Social Media plays such a huge part in business today that  you should ALWAYS share your content. Share it across the many different social platforms, the more the better. Once you have uploaded your new content to your blog and shared them across your social media platforms, then email your list and tell them about your new content.

4. Engage With Your Audience

Every successful marketer ALWAYS makes sure they engage with their audience, this is one of the reasons why they are so successful. The more content you have out there, the more people will be engaging in your content. People will start liking and sharing – which will allow others to view your content. This will help your business grow and soon people will be commenting. It is your business and for that reason up to you must keep contact with these people and follow them up. Interaction between you and customers is vital for your business.

5. Build A List

ALL successful marketers have their own list. If you do not have one – start building one now! Yes, you may not have much money yet, but if you can – you will find this is the BEST way to scale up your business. Building a list is what allows you to keep daily interaction with you and your customers. This allows you to build up your relationship. Many make the mistakes of bombarding their contacts straight away with selling them products.  This will not get you anywhere! These people will value being reached out to by someone who asks them if they want help – NOT by constantly trying to SELL! Once you build this relationship and gain their trust, you will have contacts who will WANT to buy your products. Find out what their needs are and then find the product to match.

6. Buy Traffic, Get Visitors to Your Offers

Buying traffic allows you to build a list. It gives you things to create content about, giving you more to share. It allows you to share your stories of how you made X amount in how many months/years. SOCIAL PROOF – Social proof goes a long way! It brings more people to you for the active marketing connections. Although it costs money, this is what helps your business grow. Paid traffic generates more leads each month and this grows exponentially when tied in with the other tasks already mentioned. Suddenly, you find that your  income is significant.

Dedicate yourself to these daily tasks. Make sure your day is productive, your mindset is always positive and most of all  make it happen by TAKING ACTION!

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